List of Oil and Gas Mezzanine Financing Companies – June 2023

Connect with a mezzanine funding expert who specializes in the oil and gas industry. At GoodLoansGuide, we understand the unique requirements of oil and gas companies and offer a platform that connects you with a wide range of mezzanine funding providers specifically focused on the oil and gas sector in the US. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of their preferred deals, risk tolerances, and current appetite for investments within the oil and gas industry.
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Oil and gas companies form a significant part of the United States’ economy and require specialized funding options to support their operations. In the vast and decentralized market of the oil and gas industry, mezzanine financing providers play a crucial role. These providers, ranging from large funds to middle market and small funds, specifically focus on supporting companies in the oil and gas sector. They bring industry expertise and tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of this sector.

Away from the limelight

Unlike traditional banks, which have well-established profiles, mezzanine funding providers in the oil and gas industry often operate discreetly. They cater primarily to private oil and gas companies that may not attract widespread attention from national business media. Many of these providers have extensive experience working for major banks or investment institutions before establishing their own mezzanine funds.

Reaching out to the right mezzanine funding provider in the oil and gas industry requires specific knowledge and tools. Typically, these funding providers establish their funds in suburban areas outside major cities, where the oil and gas industry thrives. With over 500 mezzanine funding providers across the country, it is essential to have access to high-quality lists that provide the necessary details for effective targeting.

Nuances of the oil and gas industry

Understanding the preferences of mezzanine funding providers in the oil and gas industry is paramount. Generic lists often lack crucial information, such as preferred deal types, risk appetite, and market activity levels. Each funding provider has its own unique preferences regarding the types of deals they are interested in. Some may specialize in funding private equity-led deals within the oil and gas industry, while others focus on direct investments in private oil and gas companies. Additionally, these providers have varying risk tolerances, and their lending practices may differ on the risk scale. Unfortunately, most available lists do not provide this important credit metric. Moreover, it is vital to understand the activity level of a funding firm when targeting potential partners. Some mezzanine funding providers in the oil and gas industry are more proactive and eager to invest, while others may be reaching the end of their lifecycle and slowing down operations.

Selected funds from our database

Manulife Investment Management

Key facts:

  • $437 billion in assets under management.
  • More than 625 investment professionals.
  • Offices in 19 geographies.

Merit Capital Partners LLC
  • 95+ Platform transactions closed
  • 30+ Independent sponsor transactions
  • $2.2B+ Invested capital

GMB Capital Partners
  • $1B+ Invested capital
  • 100+ Portfolio investments

Independent Bankers Capital Fund

  • $400+ Million invested
  • 100+ Portfolio companies

The Catalyst Group

  • 100 companies

Jefferson Capital Partners

  • $115 Million invested capital
  • 50 Portfolio companies

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